Mercury Blueprinting


Jack Carnegie & Al Oliver - Jack is reviewing an early tender, while Al puts a fresh print in the dryer (December,1950)


About Mercury Blueprinting

Much has changed since 1946.  How do we summarize 75+ years of family run business?

MERCURY is still located in downtown London, in the same building that we have occupied for 3 generations.   

We continue to use industry leading print and finishing equipment.

Relationships have been forged with clients that span generations, and we continue to meet new people every day!   Many view us a trusted member of their team; a multi-faceted behind-the-scene asset.

Jack and Al, were only around to glimpse the internet's infancy, and we know they would have been astounded with our capabilities.

Fast forward to present day; we still are "Blueprinters", yet we have evolved into so much more!  Our in-house capabilities are (to say the least) very extensive!.  It's amazing what we have squeezed into this building.

Passion drove them 75 years ago, and it still drives us now.


Welcome to Mercury!




Throughout the 63 years that we have dealt with Mercury, we have always found them to be professional. They continue to deliver a superior product, and provide so with excellent customer service. All projects have been printed well before any given deadline! I would not hesitate to recommend Mercury Blueprinting to anyone!

- John M. Spriet, P. Eng Spriet Associates, Engineers & Architects

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