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Posted | by Justin Carnegie

Flatbed scanning is now here!!

After many months of deliberation, we recently purchased a scanner that allows us to scan fine art, and delicate pieces up to 36"x60".

This New technology uses 3 - 600dpi LED backlit imaging devices to catch details never before possible.  Brush strokes, variances in depth, and other subtle nuances are easily discerned with new "3D Illumination". 


Question:  Why would I use your services, when I can just photograph my work myself?"

It is understood, that taking a SLR photograph of your art will also produce an adequate representation of your piece.   However, it will by no means match the consistency of the capture from our scanner.   The biggest reasoning behind this statement lies in the simplicity of the scanners superior lighting compared to the vastly over complex lighting required to capture via camera.   The light source of the scanner is fixed, as well as the physical relationship between the optical instrument and the object  being scanned.   A SLR camera must be re-positioned and lighting adjusted from piece to piece.   

Early scans have provided wonderful results, and we are very, very excited to finally be able to provide this service!!



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